Tips for on-site SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO in short incorporates all the essential features, which you need to enhance the overall visibility of a web page. It also includes various configuration settings you have to apply on the website. Here in this particular article, we are going to discuss some important tips for on-site SEO.

  • Content

    The first primary thing you need is that your content is original and should be CopyScape checked. It should have been published first on your web page. Either it can be your own creation, or you may hire an expert to do this. Your content should have a complete descriptive text so that users can get it well. If you are posting a video on your web page link, you should also add a description of that too. Your content should prove useful for the users and must add some good reputation for your website. It should not have any false information and it should be well researched with references. Before posting, you must have a publishing strategy.

  • Page labels, report and formatting

    Both for the users and the search engines, the page title is must thing so as to comprehend the details about the page. Your page should be descriptive and unique. Your page should be properly formatted and make sure that the matter is readable and easy to understand. To make it interesting and easy, you can add headings and other points to it. Further, the essential portions of it could be highlighted using bold, underline or italics. Images should also be a part of your web page but ensure they do not get more time to load. The smaller size of the picture should be preferable. Also, the images have an evocative filename, eg. ‘A person walking on a treadmill’.


  • URL structure

The URL structure serves as another useful attribute of on-site SEO. A good one is that which is of lower figure than 255 characters along with the use of hyphens ‘-‘ to split the diverse parts. You should group your pages into categories to help the search engines and users find what they want faster. A breadcrumb is essential for all your pages as it allows users to navigate easily and always know where they are.


  • Internal linking

The links to pages lying inside your web site also come up as the important feature for SEO. When the users log in to your page they get links directing to other related pages they will also have a look at them too. It’s a very simple to make the search engine to get familiar with other pages too. It is just a way to tell users about your another important pages and increase the time they spend on the site. But you should remember not to add links higher than 7-8 to make it more reliable.


  • Speed

You should know that speed of your website is an important thing especially when you are concerned about SEO and page ranking. Being a webmaster, you should completely ensure that the website gets loaded easily without any intricacies.

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