How To Create Content That Will Keep Your Audience Glued To Your Blog

How To Create Content That Will Keep Your Audience Glued To Your Blog

Content makes up your blogging kingdom. Your content determines if you get new users with every blog post or if your blog goes completely unnoticed.

So, as a math tutor Scarborough trying new things, you have to make sure that your blog has the best content. It is also worth mentioning that high-quality content will help determine how your site ranks on search engine result pages.

  1. Identify your ideal audience

Is your ideal audience made of males or females? What is their age group? What makes them tick and happy? Are they trying to create a particular type of lifestyle? Which are their main interests? Where do they live?

This sounds like you are carrying out some form of background verification because you are and you need to.

By knowing your right audience, then you know the kind of content to create because it will represent exactly what they are looking for. Answering the questions above helps you create your ideal persona.

Your audience will go crazy if they read your content and their reaction is ‘how did you read my mind?’

  1. Make your language same as that of your audience’s

Of course, your content will be in Spanish if your audience is Spanish and English if the audience in English. So, what does this mean exactly? By recommending you have content in the same language as your audience, we mean that you should use the words they use or local lingo.

By using those words they use, your content is relatable and less complicated.  You can get more information on this by listening, visiting places your personas frequent and by using those exact words!

  1. Solve a problem

Nine out of ten times, your online search involves the search for a solution, right? Unfortunately, you can’t guess what problems your audience is struggling with. To learn about common or complicated problems, visit the sites your audience ‘hangs out’ – it could be Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Then, listen into their conversations and pick the audience’s biggest problem.

You can also pose direct questions or run a survey in a relevant forum. The answers will shed light into what your audience needs and you can use this new information to create content with solutions to the problem(s) identified.

  1. Create exceptional content

It is highly unlikely that your ideas will be original. But, for your content to stand out, you should spice it up. You can do that by including real-life examples or case studies to your content.

At the same time, you may come across missing links or pieces of information, fill them up and make your content as factual and comprehensive as possible. Always ensure that your readers get something out of your content.


Final thoughts

Create content that tells a story and keep your content conversational. Don’t oversell it, invite guests and humanize your blog.

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