Want to Be A Sales Pro? 3 Easy Ways to Be More Competitive in Sales

Want to Be A sales pro? 3 Easy Ways to Be More Competitive in Sales

So you were good in class with perfect leadership. Everybody was pulled to your side when you proposed something. You now think that sales is where your mojo is and no one can beat you, right? Wrong. The business world doesn’t work that way. It is not like French school where you can see the French tutor Scarborough, sit for a test and you are certified.

It takes a lot more that reading the art of closing the deal and then going ahead to close all the deals. See, sales is a zero sum game and as such, the best wins and the worst loses. Everybody steps into the scene with the desire to drive more sales and earn more commission. So what makes the winner take the bragging rights?

  1. Know Yourself

Self-knowledge will take you places. At least up the corporate ladder or the Forbes list. Winning starts from within and is portrayed on the outside through actions. You need to understand your strengths and maximize on them to bring in more winnings.  Identify your weaknesses and work on minimizing them. The only way to do that is not by doing a list and crossing them out. No, when you start focusing on your strengths more, the weaknesses fall out of the way.

Part of self-knowledge is in preparation and constant practice. You need to equip yourself with enough knowledge about sales. Learn the tricks that work and those that do not by reading and observing widely. This way, you go into war with ready weapons.

2. Know your competition

Sales is a fight against another. So, never think that your best is enough. It is never enough until it can beat the competition and roll over the traffic to your side. Dig into what the competition is doing and know how to use that information to your advantage. You need to bank on what they are not doing that needs to be done; that is how you win. Identify the problem and solve it.

Your competition is your biggest motivator, when their sales go up, it is time to put your best foot forward. This will not be possible unless you have an eye and ear on the inside. Knowledge is power. Even is means getting somebody to play espionage for you. What you know about them is the deal maker. Use it to your advantage.

3. Just Do It

You can never know how much you are worth until you sell yourself (pun intended). Don’t get caught in the analysis paralysis and imaginations of how great you will be if you sell. Strategize and start acting immediately. You will learn a lot on the job. Breaking down your goals into small achievable pieces will allow you to celebrate small winnings and learn from mistakes along the way.

You will be creative about this. Put your best people skills forward. Nobody wants to buy from grumpy and people full of attitude. Use perfect and appealing displays and try not to look desperate. Overdoing it might come off as lack of quality. Always let the client see what value they are getting more than how much dollars you will pocket. If patience is not your stronghold, you might need to borrow some.


There is no specific recipe that you can blend and drink to win more buyers. The trick is in the small things that are often overlooked. That smile and warm personality that you think never counts. It is in the time and strategy plus the resilient actions. No one is born a perfect sales person, even the best have their bad hair days. Step out with these three tips and watch your cash flow.

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9 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Kill Businesses and Brands

9 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Kill Businesses and Brands

Sometimes, even the best intentions turn into mistakes that cost money, and for brands, the mistakes cost them their reputation. Whether you are new in the field of digital marketing or you are a seasoned professional, there are mistakes you make knowingly or unknowingly.

  1. Prematurely shutting down campaigns because the results don’t meet your expectations

Contrary to what you may think, digital marketing strategies and campaigns don’t always offer immediate results just the same way a blank scholarship application template won’t earn you the scholarship opportunity you yearn for.

There are only a few instances where your strategy and campaign push sales over the roof the first time. In all other instances, you have to put in a lot of effort. Instead of putting off blogging or vlogging, you should look at what you are doing right or wrong for success.

  1. Do you have anything valuable to contribute to a trending online conversation?

Most marketers jump into trending subjects and say whatever they wish forgetting that they represent the brand. The actual people who buy products from you look at your value to conversations and the relevance of your comments. If you intend to advertise only, then, you miss the whole point. While trending topics and hashtags play a significant role in online marketing and social media boost, they only work when your comment is relevant to the conversation.

  1. Overlooking the importance of research

There are many shifts within the online scene, and there are chances of you missing a big marketing technique improved. You may also find yourself using a tool that is no longer effective or a practice banned by search engines. To prevent any of these from happening, you should keep yourself up to date with all industry needs and standards.

Research also means posting factual claims. The internet won’t forget it if you falsify information.

  1. Failing to make the most out of your analytics

You have analytics for a reason – to track the progress of your digital marketing campaign. Was the money worth the spend? Is the strategy working? Who makes up your audience? Analytics will also inform on the number of visitors on your site and even your site’s bounce rate. So, overlooking analytics is a big mistake. The data from analytics will help you gain information on content your audience reacts to.

  1. Failure to study your competition

Your competition can help you shed light into the right keywords for your niche as well the best marketing strategies and platforms. So, going into digital marketing blindly is a fatal mistake that can kill your brand even before you get started.

By knowing what works for your competitors, your business has a higher chance of success. So, to know the right keywords, content to create and the social media platforms to use, spy on your competitors.

  1. Your site isn’t mobile-responsive

We don’t need to say too much about mobile responsiveness. It is one of the basic SEO techniques.

  1. Creating bad landing pages
  2. Failing to ask for customer feedback
  3. Creating poor-quality/ dull content

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How To Create Content That Will Keep Your Audience Glued To Your Blog

How To Create Content That Will Keep Your Audience Glued To Your Blog

Content makes up your blogging kingdom. Your content determines if you get new users with every blog post or if your blog goes completely unnoticed.

So, as a math tutor Scarborough trying new things, you have to make sure that your blog has the best content. It is also worth mentioning that high-quality content will help determine how your site ranks on search engine result pages.

  1. Identify your ideal audience

Is your ideal audience made of males or females? What is their age group? What makes them tick and happy? Are they trying to create a particular type of lifestyle? Which are their main interests? Where do they live?

This sounds like you are carrying out some form of background verification because you are and you need to.

By knowing your right audience, then you know the kind of content to create because it will represent exactly what they are looking for. Answering the questions above helps you create your ideal persona.

Your audience will go crazy if they read your content and their reaction is ‘how did you read my mind?’

  1. Make your language same as that of your audience’s

Of course, your content will be in Spanish if your audience is Spanish and English if the audience in English. So, what does this mean exactly? By recommending you have content in the same language as your audience, we mean that you should use the words they use or local lingo.

By using those words they use, your content is relatable and less complicated.  You can get more information on this by listening, visiting places your personas frequent and by using those exact words!

  1. Solve a problem

Nine out of ten times, your online search involves the search for a solution, right? Unfortunately, you can’t guess what problems your audience is struggling with. To learn about common or complicated problems, visit the sites your audience ‘hangs out’ – it could be Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Then, listen into their conversations and pick the audience’s biggest problem.

You can also pose direct questions or run a survey in a relevant forum. The answers will shed light into what your audience needs and you can use this new information to create content with solutions to the problem(s) identified.

  1. Create exceptional content

It is highly unlikely that your ideas will be original. But, for your content to stand out, you should spice it up. You can do that by including real-life examples or case studies to your content.

At the same time, you may come across missing links or pieces of information, fill them up and make your content as factual and comprehensive as possible. Always ensure that your readers get something out of your content.


Final thoughts

Create content that tells a story and keep your content conversational. Don’t oversell it, invite guests and humanize your blog.

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How to Create a Functional Home Office

How to Create a Functional Home Office

We live in a world where traditional 8-5 jobs don’t meet our expectations. With the shifting markets, need to venture into entrepreneurship and the need to work flexible hours, more and more people are working from their living rooms, beds, shared spaces and coffee shops. But, are these temporary workstations effective or are they tanking your productivity levels? Well, the latter is true. Since you have to get work done, here is something you should do. Create a home office.

It is simple, here is how:

  1. Designate a working space

Tutor Barrie swears by this – dedicate space to your work. Rather than wander around the house, create a personal working space, a specific and comfortable space that will let you focus on your work. You can designate a whole room or a specific part of the dining table.

  1. Invest in a great chair

For your health and comfort that lead on to higher productivity levels, you should invest in a beautiful and an ergonomic chair. This is because your capacity to get anything done depends on your sitting arrangement. You make the seat cozy by throwing in a faux sheepskin.

  1. Brighten up your working space

It is your home, and you probably have more control over that space than you do your office space. To get your creative juices flowing and to ensure that you are always in a good mood to work, paint the walls with your favorite colors. Learn about the effects of the different colors on your mood before choosing one color.

You may also bring your home office to life by including inspiring personal effects. Just ensure that they aren’t distractive. Homey accessories like decorative waste baskets, pretty pencil holders, and trendy sticky notes will brighten up your working space. Classic paintings and inspirational prints will add charm to your work space.

  1. Lighten up space

Unless you are a partner at a large firm, getting your office with a great view is hard to come by. However, at home, you get to choose your best view. Take advantage of the windows and let in the maximum possible amount of natural light as well as outdoor scene. These elements will increase your productivity and make working from home fun.

If you work late into the night, you should ensure that you work with some good lighting. Get a good task lamp or bulbs that create the perfect working environment and one that looks great at your working space.

  1. Keep your working space decluttered

You can have accessories but, having too much around is distracting, and that may affect your ability to perform. Chaos begets chaos. So, develop a structure for binders, files, and electric cords. For the electric cords, you are better off setting up your workstation close to the power source. You may also want to look for plastic or metal caps and desk grommets to keep things neat.

  1. Vertical and horizontal organization

To save up on space, organize your space vertically or horizontally. Floating shelves and vertical file folders on the desk save up on space.

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Simple Ways of Improving The Quality of Air in Your Home

Simple Ways of Improving The Quality of Air in Your Home

Even when you don’t spend as much time at home, making your home a haven is critical after a long day at work. Air pollution is at an-time high as re case of respiratory diseases. While you have no control over the air you breathe at work, you have total control over the quality of air in your home.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Ventilate

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to know this, yet, even the best chartered accountant Toronto forgets about this basic aeration move. For ventilation, open your windows regularly and if your home has air bricks, keep them free from obstructions to encourage air flow.

Proper ventilation reduces pollutants in your home. Also, when you are breathing in fresh air, your home feels lighter, cleaner and fresher. Unless the air outside is of poor quality, make use of ventilation systems available to you.

  • Try air purifying plants

Contrary to what you may think, indoor pollution a big health risk. This is because a stagnant indoor environment allows pollutants to build up, especially VOCs. While there are numerous air filtration solutions, the use of plants is an inexpensive and one of the most effective ways to clean the air in your home.

Some of the plants you may want to consider include the Garden Mum, Dracaena, Spider Plant, the Weeping Fig, Boston Fern, peace lily, Snake Plant, and aloe vera. These plants are easy to maintain.

  • Identify, reduce and remove the individual sources of pollution

Most everyday items emit harmful pollutants in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs cause irritation to the skin and the respiratory system and they are also responsible for most cases of cancer.

VOCs are common in air fresheners, cleaning products and paints. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when choosing decorating and cleaning supplies. You should also be aware of off-gassing from new plastic items.

  • Deter growth of mold

To reduce pollution and irritants, you should prevent mold formation. Wipe dry and ventilate damp areas regularly. You should also control sources of dampness. For instance, you shouldn’t dry damp clothes indoors.

You may also want to use a dehumidifier to reduce excess water in the air. But, you should be careful not to dry the air as dry air promotes respiratory diseases by encouraging bacterial/ viral growth. You may want to get a humidifier too.

  • Take good care of your pets

Debris and fur from pets pollute the air and parasite treatments are the main source of pollution. You should use the treatments carefully and groom your pets often disposing excess hairs frequently.

  • Spring clean regularly

You may not like cleaning, but regular spring cleaning and dusting removes potentially dangerous chemicals and residues from your home. You can try wet cleaning and steam cleaning instead of dusting to improve air’s quality in your home.

  • Let the sun in

While this doesn’t freshen the air directly, it is a great solution for keeping the air clean. The sun bathes the plants and which purify the air. The sun brightens spaces, keeps the room dry and views of nature will help you relax.


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9 Tricks to Make Your Home Cozier Without Breaking The Bank

9 Tricks to Make Your Home Cozier Without Breaking The Bank

Everyone dreams of a cozy home, but not everyone gets to make their home as cozy as they dreams. Why? We use financial constraints as bottlenecks. We fancy cute items, but since the price tags in showrooms send us away, we never bother to look for alternative items. It is, however, possible to create a cozy haven for little money. Here are a few nifty ideas:

  1. Include seating in the bedroom

If for example, you are a tax expert specializing in GAAR or any other taxation subject, you will realize that your line of work requires you to stay up to date with everything happening in the financial world. You may have to read from your bedroom. While the bed feels warm and cozy, it’s not the best place to read. So, instead of struggling, why not get a comfortable seat in the bedroom? The seat doesn’t have to be expensive because you can get a leather seat in mint condition from a thrift shop.

  1. Display your family photos

You probably have many old family photos lying on a shelf or a desk somewhere. Why not get them out, create nice frames with the help of online tutorials and put the framed photos on that plain wall? Framed display photos are timeless, and they will make you feel at ease every time you look at the wall. Display them in an artistically.

  1. Get a throw

Throws are cozy, and they make simple and elegant accessories. A warm and a high-quality throw lets you lie or cuddle on the couch making your home cozy instantly.

  1. Light a fire

You want a cozy home, light a fire. An electric heater warms the room but, it doesn’t match lit fire with sparks flying and wood cracking. Lighting a fire makes a home cozy automatically – your guest may never want to leave! You can light up candles in place of firewood

  1. Layer things up

Layering makes home cozy by adding warmth. You don’t have to have one carpet in the house since you can get put one carpet on top of the other. Layering carpets livens up table clothes and seat fabrics or beddings. You can also layer towels on top of each other in the bathroom.

  1. Hues

You have to use furniture and accessories with the right hues. Season appropriate color makes the room cozy. The color of the couch, the throws, pillows, placemats, and vases should complement each other. Warm hues include shades of brown, red, gold, eggplant and green.

  1. Glam up with some fuzz

Fur and faux define cozy. You can incorporate the fuzz through carpets, wall hangings, pillows or throws. These pieces will make your home toasty automatically. For example, you can get a sheepskin rug as it adds a soft and a warm element to the house. You can throw it over an ottoman or place it by the bed. The sheepskin fur isn’t expensive.

  1. You can’t go wrong with scents

You can have a bowl with all your favorite natural herbs and spices. The sweet scents will make your home cozy.

  1. Close gaps

You don’t have to spend much on this because you just have to rearrange furniture and maybe add an ottoman. While a room full of furniture looks crammed, gaps let in the winter cold.

Other tricks:

  • Add flowers
  • Bring in more books
  • Use warm colors on the walls
  • Use the right lighting

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Massage Toronto Is Good For Your Health

Massages positively affect the entire body. It improves the blood flow and it increases the lymph flow. The rhythmical pressure applied on different body parts can significantly boost your circulation, which in turn will bring numerous health benefits to your body. Massages also help your body cells. These cells found everywhere in the body are very important for supplying oxygen and other nutrients to different internal organs. Massages help them move around, so you will feel more energized in short period of time. Massage Toronto services are ideal for everyone, so take some time to relax and enjoy a good massage whenever you can.

Massage Toronto Is Good For Your Health

What Can Massage Do For Your Body

            These are some of the many health benefits that massage can bring to your body:

  • Massage can increase the oxygen capacity in your blood cells.
  • It can affect different group of muscles in your body. It can loosen up the stiffed muscles and rejuvenate and refresh tired muscles. Massage promotes better movement of muscles, so if you are practicing sports you will immediately see the good results. Although massage cannot directly improve the strength of your muscles, it can speed up the process of recovery after some physical activity. The gentle stretching of different set of muscles improves their overall condition, so your flexibility will also improve. By keeping your muscle tissues in good shape and elastic you ensure better physical readiness and better movement.
  • Getting a Massage Toronto also increases your body`s secretions. Your body will produce more saliva and other bodily juices after getting massage treatments. All toxins are excreted away, so the metabolic processes are much improved and increased. This is very important for keeping your body in perfect shape.
  • Massages also have a direct effect on the central nervous system. It balances the system by stimulating and soothing different areas. You will feel pleasant, calm, and satisfied after each massage session.
  • Regular massage can help your skin. This is because massages affect the function of sweat glands in your body. By this, your skin is constantly lubricated, cooled and clean. If you have an inflexible skin, massage can make it more flexible and softer.
  • Last, but not least, massage has a great effect on the internal organs. It indirectly stimulates many nerves that supply your internal organs with nutrients. Your blood vessels dilate, so bigger blood supply enters in them.

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King West Condos Toronto Are Ideal Option for Living

Toronto has plenty of nice neighborhoods to live in, and many new buildings are emerging every day. People are always looking for a nice living space that can accommodate them well, but also want a place that will be close to all major attractions and landmarks of the city. If you are planning a move and want something affordable and nice, then you should consider living in the King West Condos Toronto.

King West Condos Toronto Are Ideal Option for Living

What Makes These Condos Great?

            Living in a condo is one of the best options today. Condos offer many great features which are perfect for people that are busy or have plenty of obligations. You do not have to worry about fixing things, replacing parts, or repairing faulty plumbing or electrics. There is usually an association for that that takes care of all those things. King West Condos Toronto are located in one of the nicest areas of Toronto, which has been urbanized a lot in the recent years. There are many nice restaurants, shops, parks and other things near these condos, so you do not have to travel far in order to get or reach something you want. Downtown Toronto is also not very far away so you are close to the center of all activities.

This part of Toronto has been transformed so there are all kinds of buildings and condos where you can live. In the past this neighborhood was known for the old buildings, manufacturing plants and factories, but those days are long gone, and today there are many modern buildings where you can buy or rent trendy condos. All around the area you will also find many upscale restaurants, trendy galleries, lively bars, and interesting shops. The nightlife in the area is also very rich and is attracting people from all over the city. The area is very safe, so families would enjoy living in one of the condos located in this part of the town.

In general, Toronto and especially this neighborhood are great for buying or renting a condo. Not only this area of the city has been urbanized and revitalized, but here you will find many modern condos at affordable prices. All you have to do is make a little research, compare prices and features of condos, and you will surely find something nice for your taste. Explore this part of the town and enjoy living in a condo.

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Tips for on-site SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO in short incorporates all the essential features, which you need to enhance the overall visibility of a web page. It also includes various configuration settings you have to apply on the website. Here in this particular article, we are going to discuss some important tips for on-site SEO.

  • Content

    The first primary thing you need is that your content is original and should be CopyScape checked. It should have been published first on your web page. Either it can be your own creation, or you may hire an expert to do this. Your content should have a complete descriptive text so that users can get it well. If you are posting a video on your web page link, you should also add a description of that too. Your content should prove useful for the users and must add some good reputation for your website. It should not have any false information and it should be well researched with references. Before posting, you must have a publishing strategy.

  • Page labels, report and formatting

    Both for the users and the search engines, the page title is must thing so as to comprehend the details about the page. Your page should be descriptive and unique. Your page should be properly formatted and make sure that the matter is readable and easy to understand. To make it interesting and easy, you can add headings and other points to it. Further, the essential portions of it could be highlighted using bold, underline or italics. Images should also be a part of your web page but ensure they do not get more time to load. The smaller size of the picture should be preferable. Also, the images have an evocative filename, eg. ‘A person walking on a treadmill’.


  • URL structure

The URL structure serves as another useful attribute of on-site SEO. A good one is that which is of lower figure than 255 characters along with the use of hyphens ‘-‘ to split the diverse parts. You should group your pages into categories to help the search engines and users find what they want faster. A breadcrumb is essential for all your pages as it allows users to navigate easily and always know where they are.


  • Internal linking

The links to pages lying inside your web site also come up as the important feature for SEO. When the users log in to your page they get links directing to other related pages they will also have a look at them too. It’s a very simple to make the search engine to get familiar with other pages too. It is just a way to tell users about your another important pages and increase the time they spend on the site. But you should remember not to add links higher than 7-8 to make it more reliable.


  • Speed

You should know that speed of your website is an important thing especially when you are concerned about SEO and page ranking. Being a webmaster, you should completely ensure that the website gets loaded easily without any intricacies.

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A Guide to Squash Stringing


The performance of your racquet can be changed by selecting proper re-stringing and various tensions and strings. Are you looking for less vibration, more power and more bite on the ball? If yes the, get your squash racquet a professional stringer. Using the correct string at proper tension will make your racquet perform in the best way give its 100%.

Types of strings

To find the right tension and string, a little hard work is required. This is because while playing so many factors have to be considered. Squash strings available in the market are in many forms. They vary each other in construction, composition and thickness (gauge). When selecting right tension and string, type of racquet you buy also matters. It depends on how often you want it to be re-stringed. Your personal preference, skill level and style of play decide which type of racquet should be purchased.

Thick and thin gauge

Let’s first discuss the thickness (gauge) of the string. This is one of the important decisions you have to make. Generally, 17 gauges is used in strings and for thinner, it is 18 gauges. The difference is that thicker gauge provides durability and control whereas thinner gauge provides more power. Durability factor is very easy to understand, but the other two namely power and thickness have to be elaborated a little more. The power in thinner comes from the trampoline effect. This effect is produced as thinner strings stretch more than thicker strings. More strings stretch out more power comes.

Durability, control, and power

Thicker strings are stiff. When the ball hits the strings, the bed remains flat. With these strings, a ball can easily be controlled and if you know how to control your ball, it simply means you will win. So in simple words we can summarize it all by saying the 17 gauge strings give durability and control whereas 18 gauge strings give more power. The tension of the racquet has many opinions. Every squash player has a different opinion. The string should be tight or loose or should have power or control? All these things are to be carefully thought before buying a squash racquet.

According to manufacturer’s information and various studies, tighter string racquets enhance the control and loose string racquets give more power. If you are a good player then tight strings would always be preferred. Sometimes power is not all that you need. There is a specific tension range in each racquet and it can be generally in between 20 to 40lbs. tighter strings always have a risk of breakage. The tension of the string is determined to strike a happy medium, minimize your weakness and to emphasize on your strength.


As mentioned above power is not always required. People who are power players will always prefer strong string racquets as they want control over the ball and game as well. Individuals who are less energetic can go for thinner strings, so that control the game in other ways. Racquet and string work hand in hand. To find an exact tension trial and error method is always available. Before playing any championship make sure that your squash stringing is done perfectly. You must know where and how your ball can bounce and hit.

If you’d like a a professional to string your squash racquet, check out ATR Sports, a squash stringing shop in Toronto.

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