9 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Kill Businesses and Brands

9 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Kill Businesses and Brands

Sometimes, even the best intentions turn into mistakes that cost money, and for brands, the mistakes cost them their reputation. Whether you are new in the field of digital marketing or you are a seasoned professional, there are mistakes you make knowingly or unknowingly.

  1. Prematurely shutting down campaigns because the results don’t meet your expectations

Contrary to what you may think, digital marketing strategies and campaigns don’t always offer immediate results just the same way a blank scholarship application template won’t earn you the scholarship opportunity you yearn for.

There are only a few instances where your strategy and campaign push sales over the roof the first time. In all other instances, you have to put in a lot of effort. Instead of putting off blogging or vlogging, you should look at what you are doing right or wrong for success.

  1. Do you have anything valuable to contribute to a trending online conversation?

Most marketers jump into trending subjects and say whatever they wish forgetting that they represent the brand. The actual people who buy products from you look at your value to conversations and the relevance of your comments. If you intend to advertise only, then, you miss the whole point. While trending topics and hashtags play a significant role in online marketing and social media boost, they only work when your comment is relevant to the conversation.

  1. Overlooking the importance of research

There are many shifts within the online scene, and there are chances of you missing a big marketing technique improved. You may also find yourself using a tool that is no longer effective or a practice banned by search engines. To prevent any of these from happening, you should keep yourself up to date with all industry needs and standards.

Research also means posting factual claims. The internet won’t forget it if you falsify information.

  1. Failing to make the most out of your analytics

You have analytics for a reason – to track the progress of your digital marketing campaign. Was the money worth the spend? Is the strategy working? Who makes up your audience? Analytics will also inform on the number of visitors on your site and even your site’s bounce rate. So, overlooking analytics is a big mistake. The data from analytics will help you gain information on content your audience reacts to.

  1. Failure to study your competition

Your competition can help you shed light into the right keywords for your niche as well the best marketing strategies and platforms. So, going into digital marketing blindly is a fatal mistake that can kill your brand even before you get started.

By knowing what works for your competitors, your business has a higher chance of success. So, to know the right keywords, content to create and the social media platforms to use, spy on your competitors.

  1. Your site isn’t mobile-responsive

We don’t need to say too much about mobile responsiveness. It is one of the basic SEO techniques.

  1. Creating bad landing pages
  2. Failing to ask for customer feedback
  3. Creating poor-quality/ dull content

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A Guide to Squash Stringing


The performance of your racquet can be changed by selecting proper re-stringing and various tensions and strings. Are you looking for less vibration, more power and more bite on the ball? If yes the, get your squash racquet a professional stringer. Using the correct string at proper tension will make your racquet perform in the best way give its 100%.

Types of strings

To find the right tension and string, a little hard work is required. This is because while playing so many factors have to be considered. Squash strings available in the market are in many forms. They vary each other in construction, composition and thickness (gauge). When selecting right tension and string, type of racquet you buy also matters. It depends on how often you want it to be re-stringed. Your personal preference, skill level and style of play decide which type of racquet should be purchased.

Thick and thin gauge

Let’s first discuss the thickness (gauge) of the string. This is one of the important decisions you have to make. Generally, 17 gauges is used in strings and for thinner, it is 18 gauges. The difference is that thicker gauge provides durability and control whereas thinner gauge provides more power. Durability factor is very easy to understand, but the other two namely power and thickness have to be elaborated a little more. The power in thinner comes from the trampoline effect. This effect is produced as thinner strings stretch more than thicker strings. More strings stretch out more power comes.

Durability, control, and power

Thicker strings are stiff. When the ball hits the strings, the bed remains flat. With these strings, a ball can easily be controlled and if you know how to control your ball, it simply means you will win. So in simple words we can summarize it all by saying the 17 gauge strings give durability and control whereas 18 gauge strings give more power. The tension of the racquet has many opinions. Every squash player has a different opinion. The string should be tight or loose or should have power or control? All these things are to be carefully thought before buying a squash racquet.

According to manufacturer’s information and various studies, tighter string racquets enhance the control and loose string racquets give more power. If you are a good player then tight strings would always be preferred. Sometimes power is not all that you need. There is a specific tension range in each racquet and it can be generally in between 20 to 40lbs. tighter strings always have a risk of breakage. The tension of the string is determined to strike a happy medium, minimize your weakness and to emphasize on your strength.


As mentioned above power is not always required. People who are power players will always prefer strong string racquets as they want control over the ball and game as well. Individuals who are less energetic can go for thinner strings, so that control the game in other ways. Racquet and string work hand in hand. To find an exact tension trial and error method is always available. Before playing any championship make sure that your squash stringing is done perfectly. You must know where and how your ball can bounce and hit.

If you’d like a a professional to string your squash racquet, check out ATR Sports, a squash stringing shop in Toronto.

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SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role for website ranking and to get traffic from search engines. Small business owners can enhance the visibility of the site in search engine through on page optimization, off page optimization and good quality content. SEO productivity is dependent on two key factors, what you say about your business and what other say about your business. Search Engines allocate categories and rank to your website through SEO.  No website can attract potential visitors without SEO. SEO categorise & rank your business based on relevant keywords. Both On page and Off-Page SEO is required to achieve good results, without one another it is not possible.

To ensure effective SEO for small business following techniques need to be taken care.

 1.) Competitor Study

Firstly, set certain target keywords, with these keywords do a search on your target search engines. Now take a note of sites that have higher rankings. You can do a competitor analysis on these sites. While doing competitor analysis take a note of following backlinks, static/dynamic URL, quality of content, web site design etc. Check the relevancy of competitor’s keywords on the basis of keyword density and place of keyword whether it is used in heading, Meta tags, URL etc.

2.) Selection of Keywords

Choose relevant keywords which are mostly searched by users and best express your content of a site. You can take help of keyword suggestion tool for selection of keyword. After that creates keyword rich site. While creating website keyword density must be taken care adequately. Too many keywords in content create keyword stuffing.

3.) Good Content

A good content is a content, which is unique in nature and meet the user’s requirements. A good content has following essential qualities:

  • It has user readable information in an appealing format.
  • Enhances ranking of the site
  • Draws lot of links from various sites
  • Good content has adequate keyword density.

4.) Build Backlinks

These are essential, as a few search engines like Google, offer more importance to quality backlinks and consider as a more significant websites than others in their results pages. Backlinks can be inbound (lead to your site from external site) or outbound (lead to the external site from your site). You can get backlinks by submission of directories, forum, Article, RSS feed, Press Release, Bookmarking etc.

5.) Build Sitemaps

A sitemap is like a map, it gives overview of site for easy navigation, to find information to search engine spiders and users. It helps to discover all important and frequently updated pages of your site. It also helps in organize the content of your website and to find out broken internal links so that you can fix errors which exist on a sitemap. You can take help of sitemap generator tool.
6.) Improve your website’s loading time

With the help of Google’s site speed tool loading, time of website can be improved, make necessary changes as per suggestion.

Small business can use all above-mentioned SEO Strategies to enhance website performance and achieve higher sales.

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Comprehend the Real Importance of Digital marketing For a Business

With the great uproar in the digital revolution in the last decade, there are few things left analogue for us. Digitization has affected many a portions of human life including shopping. Today, everything is available in the online megastore, be it food, be it pet be it electrical appliances. Because buyers have moved online, so have intelligent sellers. They have understood that the importance of digital marketing for a stable business is vast. Once upon a time, we preferred going to the nearby electronic store and buying appliances for our house needs. The time has changed, now it is inefficient for the busy man to buy grocery from the nearby store since sometimes the queue takes too much time. There are ways one can order grocery online and have it delivered on a doorstep. In almost all areas, of business, Digital marketing has cast its spell.

Finding customers

Approaching someone to buy a product when she/he is rushing to the office or to home is the last thing marketing experts want to do. Nowadays, almost everyone is available on social networking sites. The best way to find clients or customers now is to approach people online, for it saves a lot of time, money and labor. Moreover, the marketing in-charge can contact the concerned person more than once according to need.

Smarter advertising

With the internet, you can always stay a step ahead of your competitors by generating better advertisement and investing them effectively. There are a thousand advertising apps available on the internet for tracking marketing and managing advertisements. The companies in big leagues go for Google ad service, SEO and various social medias for advertisement. Small farms that cannot provide huge money for advertisement can always track their opponents’ records and plan ahead with tools like Google alert. They come with either very little or no amount of money.


Digital marketing is a lot more affordable than offline marketing strategies. If someone is selling an electrical appliance, for instance, a TV, he needs to demonstrate the features of the TV to the customer since the communication in offline marketing consists of direct communication. On the other hand, for online marketing, one needs to have a good photo of the TV along with features and videos to prove that the features are all as per the requirement of the buyer. It is as simple as that. Hence, online marketing saves a lot of energy charges, time and other expenses. It is the most affordable marketing medium till date.

Push the boundaries

With offline marketing strategies, the marketing expert has limited access to potential customers in a confined area. With the internet, the possibilities are limitless. A company can have a global reach with proper kind of investments in advertising. There are various megastores available in each and every country of the world. Some of them are available in multiple countries. One can also enlist with them to have a vast reach of customers. If a company has their own website, it is important that they put in work the right kind of strategies to put the plan in the course. With proper investment in the digital marketing, one can be invincible.


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