Most Important SEO Ranking Factors That Will Make You Win the Competition

Google implements almost 200 factors to decide the rank of any site. Although we have to satisfy all these 200 elements to increase the ranking of the site from bottom to top, but if we focus on only some of them, then also we can bring up the ranking of our site. For a beginner here are some of the factors that are to be considered for the successful implementation of SEO on a website.

  1. On-Page Factors
  1. The game of Keywords:
  2. Keywords in the title tag: the tag in the title decides the page rank. It is considered to be having the most relevance in the search engine result. Google or any other search engine uses this tag to display the main title in the search result. As an ideal case, to increase the PR, this tag should be placed at the very beginning of the title.
  3. Keywords in the description tag: it is also a very crucial factor that decides the PR of a website. The primary motto of this is to earn more and more user clicks. The inclusion of a keyword in the description becomes more relevant to a searcher and the search engine provider.
  1. Length and Originality of the content

These days’ people search the World Wide Web for gaining knowledge and not just to satisfy their basic needs. Search engines often look up for the content that is informative and authentic. So therefore the longer the content is, the more chances are of covering more information in it. The second point here comes from the originality and duplicity of the content. Only writing the original content will help a website increase its page ranks. Always and always avoid putting up unoriginal content on your site. It’ll degrade the page rank.


  1. Site Factors:
  2. Sitemap and the relation of indexing: one has to create a sitemap of their website as this will always in increase the speed of getting it indexed by Google.
  3. Server Location: some SEOs consider switching to country specific servers, to which the website is targeted. This will always increase the number of clicks and hence increase the page rank.
  4. Mobile optimised website: this is a newer trend. Most SEOs are nowadays putting up a mobile version of their site to increase the reach of their website to a number of people and in turn this will index the internet site on google servers rapidly.
  1. Off-Page Factors:
  1. Link Relevancy: There must be pages that are to be related to your website content page, which are relevant and suits your topic. This will enhance the relevancy of your content also, plus the search engine will recognise as a lower PR website with the due course of time.
  2. Off-line marketing: Other opportunities include Truck Advertising in Ontario, Media Buying or Billboard Purchases.
  3. The diversity of links and spamming: Increasing the links to your content page is considered good to gain traffic and to improve the PR but this might also be dangerous if too many irrelevant links are built. This might also flag your website in spamming and will ruin your PR.

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