Want to Be A Sales Pro? 3 Easy Ways to Be More Competitive in Sales

Want to Be A sales pro? 3 Easy Ways to Be More Competitive in Sales

So you were good in class with perfect leadership. Everybody was pulled to your side when you proposed something. You now think that sales is where your mojo is and no one can beat you, right? Wrong. The business world doesn’t work that way. It is not like French school where you can see the French tutor Scarborough, sit for a test and you are certified.

It takes a lot more that reading the art of closing the deal and then going ahead to close all the deals. See, sales is a zero sum game and as such, the best wins and the worst loses. Everybody steps into the scene with the desire to drive more sales and earn more commission. So what makes the winner take the bragging rights?

  1. Know Yourself

Self-knowledge will take you places. At least up the corporate ladder or the Forbes list. Winning starts from within and is portrayed on the outside through actions. You need to understand your strengths and maximize on them to bring in more winnings.  Identify your weaknesses and work on minimizing them. The only way to do that is not by doing a list and crossing them out. No, when you start focusing on your strengths more, the weaknesses fall out of the way.

Part of self-knowledge is in preparation and constant practice. You need to equip yourself with enough knowledge about sales. Learn the tricks that work and those that do not by reading and observing widely. This way, you go into war with ready weapons.

2. Know your competition

Sales is a fight against another. So, never think that your best is enough. It is never enough until it can beat the competition and roll over the traffic to your side. Dig into what the competition is doing and know how to use that information to your advantage. You need to bank on what they are not doing that needs to be done; that is how you win. Identify the problem and solve it.

Your competition is your biggest motivator, when their sales go up, it is time to put your best foot forward. This will not be possible unless you have an eye and ear on the inside. Knowledge is power. Even is means getting somebody to play espionage for you. What you know about them is the deal maker. Use it to your advantage.

3. Just Do It

You can never know how much you are worth until you sell yourself (pun intended). Don’t get caught in the analysis paralysis and imaginations of how great you will be if you sell. Strategize and start acting immediately. You will learn a lot on the job. Breaking down your goals into small achievable pieces will allow you to celebrate small winnings and learn from mistakes along the way.

You will be creative about this. Put your best people skills forward. Nobody wants to buy from grumpy and people full of attitude. Use perfect and appealing displays and try not to look desperate. Overdoing it might come off as lack of quality. Always let the client see what value they are getting more than how much dollars you will pocket. If patience is not your stronghold, you might need to borrow some.


There is no specific recipe that you can blend and drink to win more buyers. The trick is in the small things that are often overlooked. That smile and warm personality that you think never counts. It is in the time and strategy plus the resilient actions. No one is born a perfect sales person, even the best have their bad hair days. Step out with these three tips and watch your cash flow.

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